Adventure - Turkey Run

This is a setup to the One Pager Feast of Famine . I am also introducing Coffin Rock with the eventuality of running the module. So this is before things go completely to Hell there :).

Tom “Colorado” Jones is in a pickle. He has a load of turkeys he must deliver to Coffin Rock by Tuesday before Thanksgiving. If not, he is out a whole load of money and left with nothing but turkeys. He hire’s the Posse to help him overcome the dangers between here and Coffin Rock.

This is run as a variant on the Dramatic Tasks. Instead of doing 5 rolls, its five events that they can succeed on.

Freak Storm out of Denver

A flash snowstorm hits. Run this as aDramatic Task. Deal out the cards and go in order. PC just has to justify a skill check/action to help get the team out of Denver and through the storm.

  • No Successes – Half the Turkeys die – only get daily trail rate for pay
  • Fail – delayed out of Denver
  • Success – Got through the storm with minor Turkey losses (acceptable)
  • Raise (get the 5 success by the end of the third Player) – Found that the storm was mostly hitting the northern route out. A lesser used southern route speeds the group along.

The Generous Salesman

Nigel West Dickens (a Bennie if anyone recognizes the name) is in Fort Morgan. He is the Generous Salesman from the One-Pager Feast of Famine . He offers to sell a number of items at a very low prices.

Quotes to throw in:

  • “I have a soft spot for life’s flotsam and jetsam.”
  • “I know a cure for all ailments, Mr. <name>”
  • “Scepticism is the bastard child of progress, son.”
  • “Rednecks!”
  • “Respect Science!”
  • “You’re an amusing man, <name>. After all the murders, robberies and kidnappings you’ve committed, a little hypocrisy is hardly a sin.”
  • “And I can tell you, with no uncertainty, that miracle cures are no laughing matter!”
  • “These yokels wouldn’t know science if it crapped in their bed! "


  • “This Peacemaker was owned by Doc Holiday himself! It is reputed to never need reloading!”
    • Power: Never needs reloading
    • Taint: Draws “ammo” from those around the gun, including Power Points, arrows, bullets, etc. The lowest club drawn by the PCs in combat discovers that their “ranged” weapon fails that round as they are either out of ammo (reload) or a momentary “blip” in the power circuits, drops the arrow, etc.
  • “I have an elixir most potent! It will take away your cough, give back your vitality, stop the bleeding and start…er… the party! (if you know what I mean). Distilled from the finest Rattler venom, this tonic is sure to cure what ails you!”
    • Power – Cures one Wound, removes disease, poison, etc. (ie, it works!)
    • Curse – it transfers it to someone nearby. When first tested, the Saleman keeps someone locked up in his wagon to to receive any said aliments.


  • Crit Fail: Publicly declaring him a charlatan. Play out the next scenes, but everything goes against them and they do not succeed (get lost, etc)
  • Fail: They do not buy anything even though he hints he has been to Coffin Rock recently. If asked, he says to take Angels Lake Trail (this turns out to be a lost day and the group has to backtrack)
  • Success: They buy one item. “Oh, and I would take the Rustlers Trail at the fork, if I were you.”
  • Raise: Buy 2 items: “Despite the name, your Best Bet is the Devils Ravine to get to Coffin Rock”
  • Buy 3 items – Mention there were some men looking to collect on a bounty for Hellistrom (“a Sam Johnson”). Or, if no Father Sam, just watch the road for Black Bart.
  • Buy 4 items – Talk about Rattlers and hint at their weakness

Black Bart

If Father Sam is in the group, they are looking for him to collect the $2,000 bounty! If they got the tip ahead of time, they might have the option to bluff their way past (disguise and lie, if everyone is willing). Otherwise, the Outlaws see the group in the next town and lay a trap in Fish in a Barrel Ridge (named as its like shooting fish in a barrel). Main terrain features is a ridge on one side (curls around), a rocky hill on the other side, and a waterfall/stream with a bridge that is easily blocked and cannot be forded by wagons in elsewhere in the area.

  • Crit Fail: Colorado killed in the cross fire (say innocent bystander)
  • Failure: The group gives Sam up, lose in the fight (in these cases, of screen its assumed the group somehow rescues the day)
  • Success: Chase off the Outlaws. The will flee if 4 or more are down unless its almost over.
  • Raise: Capture/Kill Black Bart, beat him in a Gunfight (“Draw!”), Tipped off and bluff way through, Test of Wills ahead of fight and convince group it ain’t worth it (need both good rolls AND a great roleplay

These men and women take the “lawless” part of the lawless frontier literally, and live by their own code (or not). They’re much the same throughout the West, whether found in the Great Maze or on the High Plains—lowdown, dirty varmints.
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6,Strength d8, Vigor d6
Skills: Fighting d6, Gambling d6, Notice d6, Shooting d6, Stealth d6, Survival d6
Derived: Charisma: –2; Pace: 6; Parry: 5; Toughness: 5
Hindrances: Bloodthirsty, Wanted (Minor or Major)
Edges: Quick Draw

  • On the Ridge – Winchesters (2d8 Damage, 24/48/96, 15 shots AP 2)
  • Everyone: Colt Peacemaker (2d6+1 Damage, 12/24/48, 6 shots, AP 1)
Black Bart – As Outlaw, but WC

Rattler Race

Old Jeremiah is a wily Rattler that has wandered afar. His is looking to set up in the area. But wagons just drive him nuts and he cannot resist chasing them (usually kills the horses and moves on). Run this as a Chase Scene (5 Rounds) with Old Jeremiah as a Wild Card.

Some notes: Need to look up escort fighters/bombers in the WWII book as this is similar.

  • Crit Fail: Fighting (instead of running)
  • Fail: Horses on the wagon get eaten. PCs horses are used (and they are not used to iT)
Rattler (WC)

Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d8,Strength d12+6, Vigor d12+2
Skills: Fighting d8, Intimidation d10, Notice d8, Stealth d8
Derived: Pace: 6; Parry: 6; Toughness: 26 (2)
Special Abilities:
Armor plus 2: The worms are covered in thick, scaly skin. Clothing made of rattler hide (available only through a few merchants in the Southwest for hundreds of dollars per article) grants Armor +1.
Bite: Str plus d12
Burrowing: 18”
Gargantuan: Heavy Armor. Attackers add +4 to their rolls to hit a rattler. Using its entire bulk, a rattler can slam itself down upon a foe or an obstacle. Add Size bonus to Strength for damage. Rattlers can affect an area equivalent to a Cone Template with their slam attack.
Fear (–2): Anyone who encounters a rattler must make a Guts roll (–2).
Seismic Sensors: Rattlers sense their prey by vibrations in the sand. They can detect the movement of a man up to 100” (200 yards) distant. This is an opposed Notice versus Stealth if the prey is trying to step lightly (–2 if running), otherwise just a Notice roll for the rattler. Horses are detected at double the distance, wagons at triple.
Size +15: The great worms are well over 50 yards long!
Tentacles: Rattler tentacles are 20” long. Once they grapple a target, they begin dragging them toward their maw. Each success and raise on an opposed Strength roll drags the victim 1d6” closer to the hungry mouth. Each tentacle can take a single wound, but has a Toughness of 12. Bullets and impaling weapons cause half damage, while blunt attacks inflict no damage. Wounds inflicted on tentacles do not harm the rattler.
Weakness (Nerve Cluster): Rattlers have a cluster of nerves deep in their bodies at the nexus of their tentacles. If targeted with a called shot (–6), damage ignores both the Size modifier and Heavy Armor of the rattler. Of course, the danger is in getting close enough to the rattler to take the shot!
Coup: Any deader who kills a worm gains the ability to burrow up to 5 x their Spirit
(as per the Monstrous Ability).

Adventure - Turkey Run

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